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Proud to announce a partnership with Aqua Adventures.

Based in Mission Bay, Aqua Adventures provides guests with all their kayak and stand-up paddle board needs!

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What is SnorkelMatt?


SnorkelMatt started in October 2017, when Matt, a marine biology teacher, decided to take his passion of the natural world from the classroom to the outdoors. Working from the AirBnB Experiences market in San Diego, SnorkelMatt provides outstanding customer service and unforgettable experiences to both visitors and locals!


Marine Bio 101- Snorkel Mission Bay

Marine Bio 101 is a great snorkel for both beginners and marine biology nerds! We will snorkel in Mission Bay, a calm, flat body of water that feeds into the Pacific Ocean. Being in the bay, we will encounter smaller fish and lots of invertebrates, ranging from brittle stars, urchins, sea slugs, and octopus. This snorkel trip is available year-round.

Leopard Shark Snorkel (summer) / Snorkel La Jolla Shores (year-round)

All year round, we can observe sea turtles, seals, sea lions, and an abundance of fish and invertebrates. Harmless leopard sharks can be seen in this popular San Diego location from June to October. From October through June, snorkeling is still available at this location.


Snorkel La Jolla Cove and Caves

La Jolla Cove is one of the most popular spots in San Diego, noted by a series of small caves created by the Pacific Ocean, where we can observe seals, sea lions, and an abundance of fish. This snorkel trip is available year-round.


Explore Marine Life in Tide Pools

Tide pools, or rocky intertidal zones, are small collections of ocean water trapped by rocks as the ocean level recedes. This area is covered by the ocean half of the day, so small pools are exposed at low tide, resulting in a unique habitat for small invertebrates and fish. This experience is available in Spring and Fall seasons.


Beach Exploration with a biologist

Explore the beautiful beaches of La Jolla with this in-depth walking tour! Discussing physical oceanography and peering through washed-up kelp, this adds a unique perspective to an easily accessible part of San Diego. This experience is available year-round.



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